Ossining Food Pantry

Helping the Needy in Our Community



Food insecurity is a very real issue for many people in our community.  Our clients include single people, couples, parents with children, senior citizens struggling to get by on Social Security, the newly unemployed, the under-employed, individuals returning to society after incarceration, veterans, the sick who cannot work and the well who cannot make ends meet under current circumstances. They can be men, women, and children, young and old, new to the Ossining area and  long-time residents.   All are hungry.

Food Pantry History

The community-supported Ossining Food Pantry was conceived at Trinity Church, where it has operated since August 1988.  A member agency of Feeding Westchester, we are a charitable 501(c)(3) not-for-profit “public” corporation and registered with the New York State Attorney General’s Charities Bureau.

Food Pantry Volunteers

The Ossining Food Pantry has no paid staff whatsoever.  The Pantry is operated by a multitude of volunteers who help guide the organization, stock the Pantry, pack bags, and distribute food.

Food Pantry Funding

We depend on the community for most of our funding. Numerous local organizations contribute to the Pantry, including houses of worship, service and civic organizations, school groups, scouts, and local businesses.  Our supporters conduct food drives, donate money, and in-kind services.

Residents and local businesses answer the Food Pantry’s fundraising appeals.  While most of our income comes from grassroots support, we also receive grants from corporations, matching gift programs, and foundations.

The majority of our distributed food is purchased from a local supermarket and supplied through Feeding Westchester.  Fresh produce comes from the Pantry’s Ossining Farmers’ Market coupon program.  Some food is donated through community food drives.