Ossining Food Pantry

Helping the Needy in Our Community


Thanks for supporting our celebration!


The Ossining Food Pantry helps over 400 people per week.

Our clients  include single people, couples, parents with children, senior citizens struggling to get by on Social Security, the newly unemployed, the  under-employed, individuals returning to society after incarceration, veterans, the sick who cannot work and the well who cannot make ends meet under current circumstances. They can be men, women or children, young or old, new to the Ossining area or long-time residents. But all are hungry.

Who can come?

We welcome any resident of Ossining or Briarcliff Manor who has a demonstrated financial need.  We ask clients to get referrals and be interviewed once a year.

Here is a list of our current services.

Morning and Evening Hours – The  Choice Food Pantry is open for food distribution on Thursday evenings and Friday mornings at the Parish of Hall of Trinity Episcopal Church in downtown Ossining.

Agency Delivery Program – The Food Pantry delivers bags of food to eligible families at the Ossining Children’s Center and St. Matthew’s Day Care.

Kraft Mobile Food Bank – The Food Pantry distributes food provided by the Food Bank for Westchester at Star of Bethlehem church in Ossining two afternoons each month, except in January and February. Anyone can come.

Home Delivery Program – We take bags of groceries to elderly and disabled clients who are unable to come to our distribution site.

Ossining Farmers’ Market – We distribute coupons to clients which can be used to purchase produce from participating vendors.

Emergency Food – We can provide food for families in crisis within 24 hours, 7 days a week.

The need is great.

We’ve recently celebrated one year as a choice pantry.  It has been a rousing success!   We had 16% more households visit us in 2015. That means a lot more groceries to buy, and shelves to stock. To keep our finances within reason, we’ve had to eliminate some things we know our clients like.  We hate to do it. But our funds will only stretch so far.

Please help.

We are an all volunteer organization, with no paid staff.  If you’d like to volunteer  or donate, click the links on the left.